Home Expression,
Home Design.

J. Patterson is a family owned and operated business with the goal of helping you make home what it should be. From interior decor to custom furnishings, we are here as a resource for individuals AND designers to discover items of exceptional quality and uniqueness. When you walk into our store or even log on to our website we sincerely hope that you feel the warmth from the thoughtful selections that have been expertly curated for your shopping experience.

When J. Patterson opened in 2016, co-owners, Julie and Willy Patterson dreamt that one day their daughter Brooklyn would join them. Now that dream is a reality and Brooklyn is able to bring a fresh, young eye to what the business is today.


The slogan “what home should be” comes from the adoration that Julie and Brooklyn share for helping you create a sanctuary for yourself and your family. When working on a home design project, Julie focuses on forming a personal connection so that she can help you make your home represent YOU. She will never tell a client that they have to get rid of something they love. At J. Patterson you can take advantage of the huge selection and freshen your come with pieces that complement your existing style OR start over completely!

Behind the scenes

From your design or shopping experience, to installation, & even receiving your bill, a Patterson has been apart of every step of the process. They have tailored your experience at J. Patterson, online & in-store, and filled it with hand selected pieces that you simply cannot go wrong with. Let us help you create #whathomeshouldbe.


Designer + Owner


Operations + Buyer
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